A 360 campaign aimed at getting the Irish government to address Ireland's housing and homeless crisis. To stop hiding behind the red tape of bureaucracy that hinders the Irish government from fixing problems and to help those most affected by homelessness.
There are almost 200,000 empty homes in Ireland, that's almost 30 times the number of people without a home to go to. The solution is clear to everyone except those in charge.

Our outdoor ads pushed home our message. On a limited budget we reached in excess of 800,000 Irish adults with an average OTS of 5 times.


Reaching in excess of 1.1 million Irish adults on average 3 times.


The website informed the public on the current issues.

Over 8,000 people changed their profile pictures to show solidarity with the Irish homeless community.
Concept: Phil Slattery, Mikey Curran
Art Direction: Phil Slattery, Ian McFarlane
Copywriting: Mikey Curran
Production: Torlogh O'Boyle, Ian McFarlane, Phil Slattery, Mikey Curran
Sound Design: Dean Jones, Raygun

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