The creative rationale was “Nothing heroic”. The stories are average hiccups that happen to people every day. aren’t superheroes that swoop in and heroically save the day; they are just a reliable insurance company that’s there for you when you need them. The solution was to juxtapose an ordinary story about a customer using a mundane service, with an extraordinary Comic Book style of illustration.
The fantastic illustrator Mark Reihill supplied the artwork. 
The breakout pre-roll on YouTube and the RTE Player allowed us to take the storytelling to a new level in terms of disruption, allowing us to take elements from the animation and take them out into the player space.
RTE Player in situ
We also made number of other formats. This one being a Home Page Take Over (HPTO) Video skin. 

Billboard Format

On the other scale of detail we did basic, static HPTO skins. Which was a challenge in itself trying to tell a story in such a small space.
And a full screen mobile inter-scroller to bring this engaging animated creative to life for the on-the-go audience (crucial for our demographic). This was a relatively new format and a very disruptive one, so it was important that the creative be appealing and entertaining.
Art Direction: Phil Slattery
Copy: Dan O'Doherty
Illustration: Mark Reihill
Additional illustration: Phil Slattery
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